Uno’s isn’t number one in my book

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In Woburn, Massachusetts the number of restaurants is staggering. There’s also a mall, a movie theater and traffic congestion. It’s located by the “cloverleaf” the intersection of Route 128 (Route 95 for you out-of-towners) and Route 93.

Tuesday, dinner was Pizzaria Uno in the Woburn Mall. I was facing the service area. Our server ” G” put her name on a napkin. It’s nice to know your server’s name. She took our drink orders, water and ice tea. Returning with our drinks, the napkin with her name flew on the floor. She promptly picked it up and put it back on our table. Maybe she thought we’d forget her name.

“G” went to the cash register and entered our order. I watched as she picked something off the floor, put it in the wastebasket and serve another table drinks. I know she didn’t wash her hands.

“G” returned with our drinks and took our pizza order. I was just watching “G” walking around the front of the restaurant chatting with the other staff. It was early and the restaurant wasn’t crowded. I caught her eye. My husband told her that his ice tea tasted like dishwater, sent it back, ordered a Mountain Dew, which he also said tasted like dishwater. Maybe it was the ice, or the glass? Luckily, “G” didn’t serve our pizza. She offered to put the leftovers in a box, we declined the offer and did it ourselves.

According to Serve Safe,, ninety-six percent of Americans feel they trust themselves to ensure the food they prepare at home is safe. However, when asked if they trust others to handle their food, their confidence rate dropped to 62 percent. Sixty-three percent of Americans say they are very or fairly concerned about the safety of the food they eat. Fifty-four percent reported that they “think” about food safety when grocery shopping, while 46 percent “think” about food safety when eating out at a restaurant.

I just like their pizza. Just a shout out to restaurant managers, “train your waitstaff, if they touch the floor, have them wash their hands”.

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