Cutting Corners During Spring Break

Posted on February 25, 2009 by


by: Chris Warren, Merrimack College intern at US Food Safety Corporation

College students during their spring breaks are famous for intense partying, soaking up the sun, and forgetting about school. But how many focus on, or even take into consideration, the types of foods that they eat during their breaks in paradise. Many parents worry about the over consumption of alcohol and not being safe, I have yet to hear “watch what you eat” during my spring breaks. Most college students diet and watch their weights during the cold winter months so they look the best in the sun; however, no one ever considers what they are eating in foreign countries might be harmful. Everyone knows that college kids are not exactly wealthy and are willing to eat the most atrocious foods to save a couple of bucks for some extra drinks during the day/night time. College kids are eating in suspect restaurants and fast food chains that don’t take the time to care about the foods they are producing. Kids don’t care what they eat as long as it is cheap and convenient for both their bellies and wallets. When enjoying the hot beautiful weather, one should make sure that he or she is taking the time out to spend that extra 5 dollars or 10 minutes for a little better quality food, it could prevent a trip to the hospital or being bed side for a day or two.

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