Family food safety violations

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Family food safety violations

My son and his girlfriend visited over the weekend. The weekend was busy and we had the majority of our meals together. I ate breakfast this morning before everyone and left a half eaten banana with the skin on the counter to eat later. I was jokingly reminded by my son’s girlfriend that you shouldn’t leave a half eaten banana out on a counter. I should have known better. Then she cut off the brown piece at the end and ate it.

Tonight, as my son and his girlfriend were making dinner, half the garlic bread which we were all looking forward to eating landed on the floor. What she said was amusing. She just graduated from officers candidate school, and said that this was nothing compared to what she had to eat there, and that she would eat the bread. I don’t want to know.

Then she asked about peanut butter..sigh.

FYI, the peanut recalls have been moved to the website

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