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With all the publicity and dangers rising from poisons in our food supply, I think more families are looking for safe and healthy solutions. The holidays can be especially challenging with all the commercial hype and advertising geared towards our children. This Easter, try thinking /outside the egg /for food choices, and experimenting with a few back to basics holiday activities.

Keep the menu simple with vegetables that are fresh, in season, and free of pesticides. This weekend would be a great time to plant a few rows, or pots of produce as a family. Kids love the experience of putting a seed in dirt and seeing the transformation as it grows.

An early morning trip to your local farmers market for fresh eggs is a wonderful way to start a day of egg dying using natural fruits and vegetables for coloring, as opposed to the artificial chemicals found in commercial dyes. These will make a beautiful presentation for your Easter buffet.

Another activity that is rewarding and fun for all ages is crystallizing edible flowers, brushing the petals with egg whites and sprinkling with sugar. Spring is a perfect time to explore all the colorful varieties and flavors of these edible treats. Always using organic or pesticide free selections, these sweet treasures add flare and excitement to a simple spinach or fruit salad.

When choosing fish and meats for the meal, become a /consumer sleuth/, and make informed choices. Processed meats are full of additives, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals like nitrates. Try things that are less commercialized, such as lamb, duck, and rabbit. Many times you can find these meats through local farms where they are not mass produced and shipped long distance. A great resource is I find my family prefers these specialties, with Lexi’s favorite being rabbit!

Remember to also to make safe selections on goodies for the Easter basket. It’s easy to get caught up in all the choices filled with artificial colorings and flavors, but remember these are all chemicals that can have harmful, lasting health effects on your children. Keep it simple, choose one nice organic chocolate, and be creative with other surprises.

Coupons are always a hit as egg stuffers, for example staying up an extra 1/2 hour past bedtime, or a free pass on a dreaded chore. Fill a basket with an assortment of organic nuts and arrange them with a great nut cracker and add an organic stuffed animal.

It’s all about choices ~ keep it simple, make it safe.

Michelle DiBenedetto

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As a self inspired college graduate, I set my goals on building a career as an artistic entrepreneur. I married a wonderful man and we spent 10 years focusing on each other and our accomplishments. It wasn’t until the birth of Lexi that I realized the importance of priorities. Slowly a shift of focus began to take place in our lives as Lexi’s body began giving us signs that something was seriously wrong with her health. As doctor’s poked, prodded, and prescribed, her symptoms didn’t improve. This led me on a relentless path in search of answers. As I began to discover alarming facts about chemicals camouflaged in everyday products and food, I started to connect the dots…and Lexi’s health began to slowly improve. At age 10 Lexi now leads a healthy, happy, and full life. Her experience has turned into a passionate journey for our family to promote awareness, on the harmful effects of our exposures to environmental chemicals with the creation of


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