Increase in imports, competition fuels rise in ‘food fraud’ – The Boston Globe

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Did you know that “food fraud” has been documnented in fruit, juice, olive oil, spices, vinegar, wine, spirits, maple syrup, and appears to pose a significant problem in the food industry according to the Boston Globe.

Labeling is a huge problem and rests on the shoulders of the overburdened FDA. Combating fraud has taken a back burner to the all important food contamination. Enter DNA testing and other high tech tools that can detect “food fraud” that may have gone unnoticed a decade ago.

There is another tool called isotope ratio analysis determines subtle differences in food whether a fish was wild or farm raised and whether Caviar came from Finland or the U.S.

John Spink, a Michigan State University specialist in food and packaging fraud, estimates that 5 to 7 percent of the food supply could be affected and the number could be higher. That’s crazy.

In this economy we should get what we pay for ESPECIALLY in food.

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Increase in imports, competition fuels rise in ‘food fraud’ – The Boston Globe

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