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For the millions of Americans that have food allergies, the Massachusetts Food Allergy Training Certification is welcome news. For the 24,000 restaurants that need this by February 1, 2011, not so good. The video features  Ming Tsai who has championed this cause and older footage put together by FAAN. It is not a great video but a good start for allergen awareness.

As an aside, I was in a restastaurant in downtown Boston, where meals can be custom made. This lunch had an ingredient which caused me problems and the chef sat down next to me to make sure everything was done and the ingredient wasn’t used.

I find it hard that at this late date, everyone has to comply in less than one month. Chefs, restaurants, food protection managers, all need to see this video. US Food Safety discounts the price. No one is immune. Whether you are a one man pizzaria or a chain restaurant like Subway,  you have to see this in Massachusetts.

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