Do you know where your family eats?

Posted on April 6, 2011 by


How many times do you hear “I’ll grab a sandwich at the deli?” Well, at least he or she  has plans for lunch.  What if his local favorite lunch spot doesn’t follow Health Department rules and “lets things slide a bit”?  US Food Safety hates to bring this subject up again but that’s what we need to do. Little Defusco’s Bakery in Rhode Island continues to appear in the news. Since their Health Dept. violations became public on March 25, the Salmonella outbreak has affected at least 60 people, 37 have been hospitalized (5 are still in the hospital) and one man has died.

The guilty product is called Zeppoles, traditionally sold at this time of year. Raw egg, improper food storage temperatures and poor sanitation are some of the reasons given by the Rhode Island Department of Health. Even the store’s handing of lunch meats was done improperly. Nothing good will come from this tragedy. When people get sick and can possibly die, the public needs to know.

Moral: Ask your family members where they eat.  How many times do you hear – “You don’t want to become a statistic”?