Will the Japanese ever catch a break?

Posted on April 6, 2011 by


Yesterday, India suspended all food imports from Japan for 3 months or when the hazardous radiation problems are at acceptable limits. Earlier this month, the Indian government ordered that all Japanese food imports be tested for radiation.  Now, with the complete suspension in place, India is the first country to take these measures.

Where is the United States in this? Are we tip toeing around Japan? Is there an economic reason why we shouldn’t suspend food imports from Japan and follow India’s lead?

Also yesterday, Japanese officials announced high levels of radiation from certain fish species off of the country’s coast. This is a devastating blow to the all important Japanese seafood industry. The two separate fish samples were caught about 50 miles from the power plant and before the nuclear plant began releasing 11,500 tons of contaminated cooling water into the sea. This planned and controlled dump put more fears into the Japanese as this will only make the fishing industry livelihoods worse. The release of the contaminated water was allowed so the plant could again begin storing more contaminated water. When and how will all of this devastation stop? Over 25,000 citizens dead, up to 90% of its’ northern fishing fleet destroyed, and all of these coastal cities and towns decimated…

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