On a movie set with Steven Spielberg last night

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I don’t get unnerved easily, especially by celebrities. A famous television celebrity occasionally visits the area where I live and it doesn’t phase me, even the early morning he introduced himself when I was outside retrieving the newspaper in my bathrobe. In fact, the only time I genuinely became unnerved was at an airport curbside pick-up when a chauffeured Rolls Royce arrived to take me to the hotel. That is, the only time, until last night.

Yesterday, I was in Boston, MA for Father’s Day. As we drove through the financial district which is comprised of a few city blocks, we noticed streets being closed for a movie shoot. Boston has become quite the movie meca the last few years with maybe twenty or so major motion pictures having been shot in the greater Boston/Eastern Massachusetts area.

“I Hate You, Dad” with Adam Sandler and “Ted” with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis are currently filming, so we thought what the heck let’s stop and take a look. Turned out to be car chase scenes for “Ted.” A stunt double for Mark Wahlberg was behind the wheel of one of the vehicles. It was interesting to watch and gave me great respect for the high degree of skill exhibited by the stunt drivers.

At one point, I noticed someone behind me. I turned to my husband and exclaimed, apparently in a not so quiet voice, “that’s Steven Spielberg!” I’m told my jaw dropped, mouth opened, and I stood there frozen in time repeating “it’s Steven Spielberg!” He was talking to one of the Boston Police officers on duty then turned and walked to a waiting car with dark tinted windows. I was impressed that a person of his stature opened the car door himself. Had I not become unnerved, I would have liked to thank Mr. Spielberg for the wonderful entertainment he continues to bring us.

When I returned home last evening, I did a few minutes of research and found that Mr. Spielberg was in Boston for the premiere of a new movie.

Oh, this is a food safety blog. Craft services on the “Ted” set were immaculate. Only good things can be said about the food safety practices I observed as I walked by the table of food laid out for the crew.



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