Whole Foods isn’t always perfect

Posted on July 11, 2011 by


There is a misnomer that if a product is in Whole Foods, it must be safe. I must admit, I fell for the same line of thinking until I became involved with food safety issues. I wish that Whole Foods was perfect.

Whole Foods has recalls because, as a retailer, they rely on manufacturers. Kashi which promotes wellness in their products, had a recent recall. Consumers view commercials and think all is well in the Kashi World. In reality, a recall hits a manufacturer into the tailspin that is a food recall.

Granted, all recalls are not for E.coli or Listeria or Salmonella. Recalls can occur for not having an allergy ingredient not listed on a label, like milk or eggs. That is of great concern to millions of Americans that are highly allergic to these foods. That was the justification for the separation of food recalls and allergen alerts on our corporate website.

While I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods, no chain is immune from the likelihood of a recall. There are just to many products and to many manufacturers out there. Human intervention is inevitable. This recall had the unfortunate stigma of a person having an allergic reaction.

Check out the recall here.


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