Kudos Sodexo – Vending Machines Get Healthier

Posted on September 22, 2011 by


Sodexo, a leading Quality of Daily Life Solutions company, announced this week that it is adding healthier snack options for its Your Health Your Way On-the-Go program in vending locations nationwide. The company states Your Health Your Way On-the-Go is raising the bar on industry standards again by revamping its healthy vending – now more than 30% of all choices will be products that meet sensible nutrition guidelines including limited calories, saturated fat, and sodium.

“We hear so often that health and convenience do not go hand in hand,” said Nasim Salimi, president, Sodexo Vending. “But, in a time when comprehensive wellness programs are commonplace for organizations, we cannot ignore that vending should and can be a part of the solution.”

In addition to icons that inspire healthy choices in the Your Health Your Way On-the-Go program, the program leverages technology (yourhealthyourwayonline.com) to educate customers on the impact good choices can have on well-being. While the average Your Health Your Way On-the-Go machine has a 30% mix of Your Health Your Way-approved items (the industry average is 20%), the program also offers machines with 100% healthy options.

Your Health Your Way On-the-Go supports several of the 14 commitments in Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan, the company’s global roadmap to sustainability. 

It’s nice to see a company voluntarily adding healthier options in vending machines.

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