New Wegman’s in Massachusetts is Impressive

Posted on October 25, 2011 by


Over the past week, I visited the new Wegman’s in Northborough, Massachusetts twice. The new supermarket is the first Wegman’s in New England and set a new grand opening record. According to Wegmans, more than 25,000 strolled through their doors on October 16. Wegmans has everything from prepared foods to exotic fish and beef to pre-cut and washed veggies packaged fresh each day.

What impressed me most was the dedication to food safe handling. In the produce section, tongs accompanied loose veggies like string beans and broccoli. All food service employees donned gloves and kept watchful eyes on the prepared food section. Instead of adding food to chafing dishes, new prepared foods were introduced in new chafing dishes.

I have never been in a cleaner supermarket or received better customer service. If you’re in the Metrowest Massachusetts area, check out the new Wegmans.