FTC asked to review Fish Mislabeling

Posted on November 1, 2011 by


In an article in today’s Boston Globe, Massachusetts representatives Barney Frank and Ed Markey are urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate seafood mislabeling. That is following a Boston Globe expose about Massachusetts restaurants misrepresenting the fish they sell.

“Advertising and selling seafood that is mislabeled is not only dishonest and potentially dangerous, but also would likely to be deemed as unfair and deceptive acts and practices” under the under the Federal Trade Commission Act, the congressmen said in a letter to the commission’s chairman.

State and federal officials have vowed to improve scrutiny of seafood sales.

This five month Globe investigation is particularly troubling. By misrepresenting seafood, these restaurants have potentially violated the allergen protocol in Massachusetts. If a restaurant is misrepresenting seafood and a patron is allergic to the unknown served seafood, and has an allergic reaction, what then? Why would a restaurateur like Ming Tsai risk his reputation and substitute seafood. He championed the allergen legislation.

US Food Safety strongly encourages the FTC to take swift and decisive action.

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