I don’t know what to eat

Posted on November 18, 2011 by


I am a sucker for junk food, just ask my family. Peanut butter, the all natural type, is a staple in my house. Put it on celery, it is just delish.

I had Peter Pan in the pantry not Smuckers, that was recalled.

But pizza as a vegetable. Please give me some credit. I am not a member of Congress but everyone knows that pizza is junk food. It’s cheap, greasy and fast. I tried the Dominoes spinach feta artisan pizza the other night. It was so salty that I needed a diet soda to take away the taste. According to the checkout guy, it was theit “best selling item”. I guess Congress would consider this a vegetable. The spinach part at least.

I was in my local favorite chain restaurant and wanted to sit at the bar and was vetoed and sat at a table. It was a late night. So I enjoyed the special Margarita for $3.99 with salt and rocks. Dinner was fine except that I watched some manager type make coffee. Grossness plus. It is cold here in Massachusetts, and she had on a sweater. I was facing the coffee prep area (they should know not to put me there), and I watched her sweater go into the coffee filter and onto the coffee.

No coffee thanks and I would have enjoyed it with the cool petite desserts.

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