Restaurant near food manufacturing facilities shut down

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For those of you who don’t know Boston, MA or who think Boston ends and begins with TD Bank Garden or Fenway Park, there is a whole other side. That is the food manufacturing and distribution areas.

Boston has several individual areas where the food business thrives. One is the Chelsea Produce Mart. We also have the main area for seafood called the Seaport District and we have Newmarket Square.

Some of the companies that are food related are Dancing Deer Baking Company and Boston Salads.

The restaurant, Oasis Grille Caffe, is in close proximity to these well-known food brands. The restaurant has been closed by the city of Boston for these critical violations:

 Inadequate hand washing

 Provide proper sanitizer for Z bay sink.

 Provide proof of Approved source for water. (This made me ill)*

 Provide hot running water for all sinks.

 Provide proper restroom. Provide proper wastewater disposal system.Waste water going through PVC pipe to 5 gallon bucket under truck Bucket found overflowing onto street.

(Think about where this restaurant is located). *

 Provide labels for all toxic items. (OMG)*

Do not-store toxic chemicals over or with food products. (OMG, again)*

 Provide knowledgeable person in charge. (I guess they don’t have one)*

 Provide written employee health policy.

 * Editor’s comments.

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