Chinese restaurant closed for multiple critical violations

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It is very interesting to see the marketing effort that restaurants use to lure in patrons . Here is what the owners said about a restaurant closed by the City of Boston Department of Health:

“Here at South Boston Chinese Restaurant, we are proud of our quality Chinese food and speedy delivery. We are family-owned and run, serving South Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods for over 25 years!

Our menu offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine from lo mein, fried rice, curry, seafood, soup, vegetarian, and Szechuan cuisine. A large open seating area, open kitchen, and quick service makes South Boston Chinese your one-stop Chinese food place.

We are open until 2:00 AM every day and conveniently located at 429 West Broadway in South Boston between Broadway and Andrew on the Red Line (T). Stop by for lunch, dinner, or a late night bite!

Unable to get away? We also deliver until 1:30 AM! Call us at (617) 269-1970 or (617) 269-1971. We are happy to satisfy your late night Chinese food cravings!”

Here are portions of the health department findings:

Three stars indicate foodborne illness violations:




Inspection Date: 3/1/2012

*** Violation 03-3-501.16(A) Cold Holding

Comments: multiple foods out at room temperature 80f spareribs – chix wings

 *** Violation 12-2-301.12-.15 Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/How

Comments: no evidence of handwashing – throughout while performing different tassks

 *** Violation 12-2-401.11-.12 Good Hygienic Practices

Comments:  employees eating on kitchen line – eat in designated area

 * Violation 23-4-602.13 Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Comments: clean & sanitize all hot line equipment of grease build up

  ** Violation 28-5-402.13 Sewage and Waste Water

Comments: sewage back up & leaking into basement – food substance barbecue sauce

  *** Violation 31-5-204/05.11 Location, Accessible

Comments: handsink blocked – handsink must be accessible at all times

 * Violation 32-6-301.11-02.11 Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, Signage

Comments: paper towels

  ** Violation 35-6-501.111/.115 Insects, Rodents, Animals

Comments: evidence of rodent infestation – no exterminator reports on site

 *** Violation M-2-102.11 PIC Knowledge

Comments: no person in charge with knowledge of food code – temperatures & overall safe practices

 *** Violation M-2-103.11 PIC Performing Duties

Comments: no person in charge performing duties per food code



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