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Posted on March 29, 2012 by


Whole Foods and K-Mart, who knew? What I learned from late night tv.

 I was watching Supernanny very late night. The commercials were more interesting than the family of three out of control boys. I found out that K-Mart sold food.

The K-Mart commercial was for a food special. I believe it was if you purchased ground chuck, you received either free or money off on pasta sauce and lasagna noodles.

I decided since I didn’t want to wake my husband with my coughing to see if I was hearing it correctly, that K-Mart sold food and if there was ever an ill timed special for ground chuck, it was this week. (There is the food safety relationship). So where do they source their ground chuck? As of publication, our telephone request for that information was not answered.

 I did what I do, I fired up my laptop and looked at and got routed somehow to The website has 16 items from Whole Foods. Whole Foods? It is an odd partnership, but when gas prices are fast approaching $4.00 a gallon here, it may be a better way to shop for people, like Peapod from Stop & Shop.

For me, I like going to the grocery store. I always find something new at my local Market Basket or Whole Foods,  I get excercise in the aisles, and may  see an acquaintence or two.  We a have a new Walmart with food but I couldn’t find my frozen bagels. Wegmans was an food mecca experience but to far, has to be a day trip.

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