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The good and the bad of the fish industry.

First the good. Whole Foods, ceased to sell red rated seafood as of Earth Day. That’s a good corporate decision and one that should be championed. As their press release indictes, ” as a way of supporting healthier oceans and helping to reverse overfishing trends.”

Secondly, cleanup will begin in Louisiana’s Bayou after the oil spill.

Now the bad.

Fish companies continue to receive FDA Warning Letters. Concept Asia Foods of Seattle, recently for violations of seafood HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points). They manufacture sushi roll products.

Another FDA Warning Letter went to Custom Seafood Services of Seattle, received a letter for also violating HACCP and for violating “current good manufacturing practice requirements in 21 CFR Part 110 to comply with 21 CFR 123.11(b). [by failing to] monitor for protection from adulterants with sufficient frequency to ensure compliance with the current good manufacturing requirements in 21 CFR Part 110 as evidenced by condensation continuously dripping from overhead pipes, electrical lines, metal vents and support beams onto finished, in-process King crab legs and Dungeness crab, open processing equipment and open containers of water and ice used in processing King crab legs and Dungeness crab.”

In the end of October 2011, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was asked to investigate fish mislabeling in Boston, MA. The post goes on to say that, “Advertising and selling seafood that is mislabeled is not only dishonest and potentially dangerous, but also would likely to be deemed as unfair and deceptive acts and practices”.

The recent recall of tuna scrape posted on the US Food Safety website is just one of many seafood recalls that can impact many states in the supply chain. Salmonella can be deadly and in this case caused illnesses.

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