Food Safe Guru Daily – Food Safety vs. Food Choice

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Consumers have a choice between food safety or food choice as an article in The Packer correctly points out.  Consumers choose where they shop, what they purchase, what impulse items to put in their cart, and whether or not they read to

They have a choice of whether to buy sushi made in a supermarket. The fact that recalled tuna scrape was in the sushi was unfortunate.  Two hundred people made the choice to eat raw tuna in sushi and got  ill. In my local market, there is a sign about the sushi counter on the entrance door and the intercom says to “try some today”. 

The Packer article, states “There’s little outrage. Maybe it’s because most consumers have already decided fresh sprouts are on the list with rare hamburgers, raw milk and cigarettes. People who indulge in such items seem to have determined the risk is worth it.”

Consumers haven’t decided that any food is worth a bacterial infection and death.  Consumers don’t have the  “I dare ya” mentality.  People who consume sprouts are the eat healthy ones, the ones who have been convinced that sprouts are good for you. 

They are the same ones who purchase sushi. Grocery store sushi isn’t inexpensive.  In a recession, it is more cost effective to have chunky soup over rice for $4.00 as a recent commercial points out, than to purchase sushi. Sprouts on a salad are a luxury.  

Consumers became outraged over “pink slime” and there was no risk in that. It is more cost effective to purchase ground beef than a steak.

Consumers have choices and need to follow for food safety.

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