Food Safe Guru Daily – Meatless Monday & Occupational Hazards

Posted on April 30, 2012 by


It will be the first of the month tomorrow. I take everything out of my refrigerator, clean the shelves and interior, do the same with the freezer and toss what is expired. I put back in what is still good to eat. That was my large chore Saturday.

To treat myself, I drove to a local farmers market and got my fresh veggies and local pita bread for the week. I have a great array of Chinese eggplant, peppers, onions, eggplant, Italian tomatoes and avocados to stir fry and grill for the coming week.

One ┬ástand was selling cheese, which was wrapped in plastic, no expiration date, and in the sun. What’s wrong here? I walked past.

Sunday I went to my local butcher, and purchased some ground beef 93% sirloin patties, steak tips and chicken breasts. I must come clean, even though there is nothing wrong with lean finely textured beef (“pink slime”) in ground beef, I thought twice about purchasing it. Today we learned about “meat glue”.

This particular butcher shop and I’m sure many others, have booths set up to taste. The first one set up was for a new sushi made at their store. I saw the people push their way to grab a taste and again, my mind went to the sushi recall.

The store had a bowl of chips with a homemade spicy dip, not refrigerated, with no utensil to sample as well as a paper cup with dessert goodies. Don’t people think before they sample?

Today is meatless Monday and I will grill up the veggies and serve with homemade salsa and brown rice. Great way to start a week.

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