Food Safe Guru Daily – Restaurant closed for mice, mishandling of foods, allergens

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I don’t like blogging about restaurant closings but when restaurants don’t operate by the rules, then it merits reporting.

The SAIGON SEAFOOD RESTAURANT in Dorchester, MA was inspected last week for the following critical foodborne illness and critical violations:

The inspector obseved cook handle raw chicken & the ready to eat food with same gloves -without changing gloves or handwashing -when staff atempted to serve that food inspector stopped that service.
Editor’s note: Thank goodness. I wonder how much ready to eat food and raw chicken laden touched by the same gloves was served when the inspector wasn’t present.

Three handsinks were not accessible.

At time of inspection, inspector found rodent droppings & flies-CORRECT -provide pest control service from licensed pest control co.- at inspection -found approx 8 bus carts of dishes heavy soil ( with food ) left out from night before w/ evidence of mouse droppings in the area- & found rodent ( mouse) droppings through-out kitchen–& FOUND rear screen door open from kitchen w/ flies through-out kitchen–FOUND mouse droppings through-out clean service wares ( plates )

The person in charge could not demonstrate knowledge of code or proper safe procedures and was not performing duties.

Lastly, on all menus -provide the proper ALLERGY AWARENESS ADVISORY. It’s the law in Massachusetts.

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