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Posted on May 24, 2012 by


In an article in this weeks Huffington Post, it stated that Chipolte was investigated for hiring illegal and undocumented workers in three states.

US Food Safety conductes food safety training classes. I have had the opportunity to view their food safety manual, which was quite extensive at our local Chipotle in Woburn, Massachusetts.  The food safety certificates are in plain view and workers are supposed to pass along food safety information.

If illegal and undocumented workers were hired, then how were they handling the food? Did the restaurant even give them the basics of proper food safety training? I wonder how many people got ill, thought it was just a stomach flu and failed to report a problem to a local board of health.

Think about it, it depends on state law who has to be certified, but undocumented workers wouldn’t be certified and are handling food. It’s disgusting.

Check and make sure that the person in charge at Chipotle is certified. Be proactive and don’t take certification for granted. If you don’t see a certificate, ask to see it. Your health could depend on it.


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