Food Safe Guru Daily – Morning Joe was Priceless

Posted on June 1, 2012 by


I must admit, I wake up to Morning Joe on MSNBC. I switched from watching CNN at some point and now switch back and forth between Soledad O’Brien and Morninig Joe. Mostly, I watch the crawl. I don’t know who I enjoy more Mika Brzezinski or Mike Barnicle. Ok, Joe Scarborough or Willie Geist sometimes. Yesterday, the discussion was about Mayor Bloomberg taking the reigns to ban sugary drinks in NYC.

The conversation was priceless. What I noticed wasn’t the soft drink Mika showed the viewers but the Starbucks packages all over the table. Who can drink Starbucks without sugar or sugar substitute. Really. Starbucks coffee is undrinkable without sugar. The ban does not include Starbucks.  The reason could be the price.  The price of sugary soft drinks is a lot less than a Starbucks beverage.

Willie Geist was especially priceless with his description of holding an extra large drink  between his legs because it wouldn’t fit in his cupholder. The panel was laughing. Mika was taking the mommy highroad and of course Joe bashing the very idea of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban.

It was a pleasant sequel not to have to listen to presidential politics and the tragic deaths in Syria while I drank my second cup of coffee at 7:00AM.  If Mayor Bloomberg was also banning coffee drinks with extra sugar, would Morning Joe be so quick to have this discussion? Brewed by Starbucks.

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