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There is a reason why I don’t go out to eat as often. Food Poisoning. We are surrounded by Chinese restaurants in our neck of the woods, some gourmet, many upscale and some serve that same chinese food that my parents used to crave (ie beef  chow yoke). It was one of these old-time Chinese restaurants that I ate a pork strip that tasted like dishwater. 

After a long week at work, Friday evening was the night to be waited on. The restaurant was busy, servers were scurrying, and the atmosphere tacky pleasant. It was not our first dinner at this restaurant but it will be our last. My husband ordered his dinner and I ordered a meal that was an assortment of appetizers with fried rice. Good so far.

The dinners arrived. Since the egg roll was the most important part of my meal, I ate that and made my way eating the rice gingerly, the meat on the stick and chicken and then I  decided to try the pork strips. They tasted like dish water. They were left on the plate. The smiling waitress who understood very little English smiled as she took away our plates and brought our bill with the typical fortune cookie.

I went home, and several hours later a volcano erupted in my stomach and food poisoning took its toll.

Without naming names and because it was Friday night, I couldn’t speak to the board of health until yesterday. I had to remember what I ate last Friday, the day before that and if I had brought home any leftovers for testing. I didn’t.

What I thought was interesting was that the board of health director said, Gee they are always busy”. That doesn’t mean that they could be using old food, have an unsanitary kitchen or a sick food handler. Just because they are busy doesn’t matter. Food poisoning can occur in any establishment. 

I hope they investigate my complaint soon.

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