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Posted on June 16, 2012 by


Our office is in a commercial office building. The same people go in and out daily, exchange pleasantries, and go about their daily business. Our office building has the usual restrooms, hallway mailboxes and bubblers. Called water coolers in other parts of the world, they use the town water supply and are on a wall. You press a large rectangular button and cold water comes out. You put your face down and sip water. I have never seen what I saw until this week.

A professional was cleaning raspberries in the bubbler. She had them in her cupped hands, using her knee to activate the bubbler, saw me and apologized. She had to use the same hands to open her office door with her hands full of the berries and disappeared. I don’t know if she had actually had the berries in the bubbler, I didn’t see that part of show.

How gross is that? How many people touched the bubbler, hand their mouth on the bubbler or perhaps spit in it? It is a private office building and most, if not all of the offices have a water service.

She could have used Eat Cleaner. This office worker chose to use the bubbler. It is unsanitary and disgusting.

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