Food Safe Guru – Lizard and flies in Juice Plant, FDA Warning

Posted on June 20, 2012 by


This week’s FDA Warning letter to Neukom Groves in Florida was very serious yet amusing.

The letter hit the Warning Letter jackpot with this : A lizard was observed on a cart which is used to transport bins of sanitized oranges into the extraction room.

The observations of concern to FDA were that Neukom needed to follow a HACCP plan and lack of sanitizing.

Some other interesting part of this FDA Warning letter:

“Numerous live fruit flies were observed on the metal conveyor ramp directing fruit to the fruit sanitizing step. The jagged edges and underside of this ramp had a build up of food particles and debris from oranges that were cut and bruised along this surface. Fruit flies were attracted to the debris adhering to these surfaces.” That’s just yucky.

The disgust continues with live fruit flies and other insects such as wasps found at the rear of the facility where an accumulation of citrus fruit peels and debris is conveyed by an auger into a dumpster following the extraction process. A large pool of citrus juice also accumulates underneath the dumpster which sits in a depression in the ground. A bay door leading directly to this area is left ajar during processing.

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