Food Safe Guru – restaurant food from Haymarket

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My husband and I like to go to Haymarket in Boston, MA for fruits and veggies. If you are selective, you can get some great deals. For example, a large container of strawberries was $1.00 or blueberries for $1.50.

You see all ethnic groups  from students to tourists to the locals who take in the atmosphere and enjoy the day. I forgot to mention the Arabic and Halal markets and a pizza parlor right in the middle.

Restaurants buy a lot of produce there, usually in cognito. The last two weeks we have seen a local truck from a suburban restaurant with its name for all to see, Kitty’s. Kitty’s is a local italian restaurant in North Reading, MA that has large portions and Keno.

Why would Kitty’s pull their truck up to Haymarket late Saturday afternoon when the prices go down? One can only imagine. Let’s look at their menu. Bloomin Onion for $6.95. A large bag of onions at Haymarket sells for $3.00. That is a nice market-up. Italian food uses a lot of onions.

Haymarket sells large bags of spinach for $2.99. Kitty’s has lots of salads. In this economy, it is worthwhile to shop at Haymarket for restaurants. We see Asian folks buying onions and vegetables by the case. Chinatown is around the corner.

My suggestion to Kitty’s, come in a plain white truck. 


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