German Village Bakery, Mall Restaurant Get More Monitoring, Training After Violations

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Health officials will issue food safety recommendations Tuesday for a German Village bakery and a mall restaurant that were cited for food safety violations recently.

The hearing with Columbus Public Health Tuesday afternoon determined that Stir Fry 88 and Juergens Bakery will have increased monitoring for the next 121 days and their employees will need to engage in additional management and training.

In April, Stir Fry 88 at the Mall at Tuttle Crossing and Juergen’s Bakery in German Village were given three days to fix violations, and have been monitored closely by the board of health for the last 120 days.

The following violations were noted at Stir Fry 88 on March 5:

Officers saw employees fail to wash hands between tasks and when changing gloves. When CPH first started its inspections, there wasn’t a spot for workers to wash their hands.

The manager was not able to demonstrate proper food-safety knowledge to the officers, including telling them an incorrect temperature to properly cook chicken.

Officers said noodles were being cooled in a deep pan instead of a shallow pan.

Food items in a steam table were not being kept at the appropriate 135 degrees Fahrenheit (F).

A food thermometer was 24 degrees F off.

Employees only were washing and rinsing utensils used in food preparation; the utensils are to be sanitized.

A water line going to an ice machine was leaking.

CPH found the following violations at Juergens Bakery on Feb. 23:

The manager was not able to demonstrate proper food-safety knowledge to the officers, mainly because of the number and nature of the violations.

Raw eggs were stored above ready-to-eat foods.

Officers saw an employee touch bread with his/her bare hands. Utensils or gloves must be worn when touching exposed, ready-to-eat foods.

Tins of cheese that require refrigeration were on the front counter. The cheeses, which were to be sold, tested at 68 degrees F. The cheeses weren’t thrown out during the inspection, either.

Several food items (sauerbraten, beef, meat sauce, potatoes, cooked vegetables, vegetable pastry and potato salad with sausage) were not marked with the day they were made. Those kinds of items have to be clearly marked to show the food is not more than seven days old.

Officers saw bread being stored in a recycled, plastic bag.

All of the restaurant’s coolers do not have thermometers.

Lastly, officers saw fruit flies in the kitchen, near the dish machine, and behind the bar, near a sink.

Nearly all of the issues have been addressed, aside from Stir Fry 88 not having a properly trained supervisor for all shifts.

The board will meet Tuesday at 2 p.m.

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