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Today I am speaking at Boston University’s Journalism School. The summer students have an Investigative Journalism course and their segment is all about food safety.

Food safety is all about investigative journalism. For example, HUS was diagnosed at a local suburban hospital. US Food Safety is trying to locate the source. It is painstaking research but it could save lives.

The students tackle various topics from raw milk to cantaloupes. Their questions are forthright and candid. They want to do well on their topics and US Food Safety is a great resource.

Today’s students are researching these topics:

1. Raw milk. This student seems interested in when drinking raw milk
can be safe.
2. Should restaurant workers wear gloves or not when they prepare
food? Oregon just passed a law that drops the requirement that restaurant workers wear gloves in food preparation
3. Does the grading system in NY help keep restaurants more sanitary?
The student is trying to compare food chains in Boston (where there
are no grades) to the same chains in NY.
4. Cantaloupe problems.
5. Pink slime in sushi — apparently because of raw tuna.
6. Meat glue
7. Dangers of bottled water – leaching from plastic, bottles sitting
around too long and collecting bacteria.
8. Economics of food safety — Do poorer areas have more food safety problems?
9. Food safety problems in sports stadiums. Do you know if there’s
been any followup since the big ESPN report a few years ago
10. Watermelon problems
11. Genetically enhanced seeds

All of these topics have significant merit. I sent a quick e-mail to the instructor so the student that has the “Pink Slime” topic knows that it has to do with ground beef and not sushi.

Does anyone have any comments about these topics?
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