SE Idaho Public Health Dept Warns about Hep A at Restaurant

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Patrons of Tom’s Gyro, 150 N. 3  Ave., in Pocatello may have been exposed to Hepatitis A during August 2nd-August 14th, as an employee there has been confirmed as having the disease. Currently, there is no evidence of a hepatitis A outbreak associated with Tom’s Gyros.

 The possibility exists that Tom’s Gyro patrons could have been exposed to hepatitis A. Tom’s Gyro has cooperated fully with the investigation into the situation. The employee is believed to have practiced good hand hygiene but could have inadvertently contaminated food and drinks at the restaurant. The risk of exposure is considered small. .

Southeastern Idaho Public Health is recommending that those persons who are not immune to hepatitis A (due to previous vaccination or previous illness) and who have eaten food or drink at Tom’s Gyro between August 2 -August 14th receive hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin (IG) immediately. In addition, anyone who has consumed food or drink at Tom’s Gyro from July 15th-August 2nd should contact their medical provider if they are exhibiting any symptoms of hepatitis.

Hepatitis A vaccine and IG are available through most medical providers. In addition, Southeastern Idaho Public Health will have hepatitis A vaccine and immune globulin (IG) available for people directly affected by this potential exposure.

Call Southeastern Idaho Public Health’s hotline at 234-5888 to be screened and to make an appointment, if appropriate.


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