Food Safe Guru – Pet Owners Beware of Romaine Lettuce

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Rodent owners beware! Recalled romaine lettuce could be hazardous to your pets health. According to, “Pet owners who feed romaine lettuce to their pets are reminded that recalls such as this can affect animals as well as humans.”

You or your child may be feeding your rabbit lettuce with E.coli. “Herbivores such as rabbits commonly fed foods such as lettuce can become sick from E.Coli”, according to

If a child is young enough and feeding a rabbit, inadvertently they may put their hands in their mouth without washing them after feeding their pet rabbit. Please check your kitchen for Field Fresh Wrapped Single Head Romaine Lettuce with UPC  0-27918-20314-9.

This is a 19 state recall and Puerto Rico. Don’t be put in harm’s way.


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