Panera Bread Closed for Health Code Violations, Reopens Next Day

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The Panera Bread on Allstate Road in Dorchester, MA was inspected on August 22, 2012 and re-opened the next day, according to the Boston Board of Health website.

The violations included the foodborne illness critical violation of cold holding violations of tuna salad at 45 degrees Farenheit and chicken salad at 50 degrees Farenheit.

The restaurant, according to the report, was infested with fruit or drain flies, another foodborne illness critical violation.

The most disturbing was the lack of knowledge of the person in charge (PIC). Panera Bread in Massachusetts does their own in-house food safety training. The food safety training is good for 5 years. Without knowing where the person in charge was in the cycle of renewal, we can only speculate that they forgot to keep hot foods hot and cold food cold.

This lack of knowledge is evident when the PIC was loading lunch food in the two door sandwich refrigerator running at 59 degrees farenheit. Apparently, and again this is just speculation, that they didn’t look at the thermometer.

Finally, the person in charge not performing duties per food code under an imminent health hazard. a fruit fly infestation.

I think I’ll take my lunch.


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