CA slaughterhouse gets USDA approval to reopen.

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Federal regulators said a California slaughterhouse shut down because of cruelty and food safety allegations can reopen. Central Valley Meat said the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the Hanford plant’s plan of corrective actions and gave the OK to reopen August 27. A telephone voice recording told the firm’s 450 employees to report for work. The week of August 20, the USDA suspended Central Valley Meat operations after an undercover video released by an animal welfare group showed cows that appeared to be sick or lame being beaten, kicked, shot, and shocked in an attempt to get them to walk to slaughter. The tape prompted McDonald’s Corp., In-N-Out Burger and federal nutrition programs to stop buying meat from the plant. The plant mostly slaughters old dairy cows that have lost their value as milk producers. It will stop taking non-ambulatory cattle at the facility, the USDA said.



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