Chinese Restaurant for rodents and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital cited for Health Code violations in Boston, MA

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The Boston Board of Health cited Imperial Kitchen in Roslindale, MA and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton, MA for health code violations.

Imperial Kitchen, according to its website, is “Roslindale’s best Chinese restaurant. Yelp gives the restaurant two stars. As of this writing, the restaurant remains closed.

Here is a partial list of the violations:

The fried rice apparently was not hot enough. It needs to be 140 degrees or higher.

Towels were stored on egg crates. Eggs need to be stored on bottom shelving.

Foods were covered with towels. The foods need to be covered with food grade coverings. The scored cutting boards need to be replaced.

The handwashing sink in food prep area was blocked. The restaurant needs to clean the following: all encrusted shelving, equipment and reach ins, all food containers, all sinks and clean all dirty fans.

There was noted evidence of fruit flies and restaurant needs to provide extermination report. The restaurant needs to remove stagnant water in a food container with fruit flies. Fruit flies were infested in restaurant. Restaurant needs to remove multiple mice droppings noted in rear storage area.

Restaurant needs to clean walls throughout as needed, clean all light fixture panels, replace missing and defective basecove molding, clean ceiling as needed, .repair walls throughout and at mop storage area., clean duct unit above break area, and .replace all defective and hanging ceiling tiles.

Finally, relocate employee street shoes away from kitchen.

St Elizabeth’s needed to repair leaks at ceiling throughout cafeteria seating area, remove water buildup on floor throughout cafeteria, clean and sanitize floor area and all equipment affected by ceiling leak and repair damaged ceiling tiles on ceiling throughout cafeteria.


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