Faneuil Hall Marketplace Restaurant closed one day for Health Code Violations & Reopened the Next Day

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This weekend the weather will be beautiful in Boston, MA. Tourists and locals will flock to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. That is why it is imperative that restaurants get their act together if they have been cited by the Boston Board of Health.

The restaurant, Al Mercantino, was cited on one day and re-opened the next day. Here are several of the critical foodborne illness violations:

Unable to perform proper hand washing due to running water causes grease trap to overflow.

Unable to perform proper ware washing due to running water causes grease trap to overflow.

Employees couldn’t wash their hands or “wares” and then they make and serve food. Bad hygiene practices here.

In Massachusetts, it is required that food handlers watch an allergen video for $10.00 – $15.00, and print out a certificate. That is called being “certified” in allergen awareness. It is a way for Massachusetts and 3 vendors to make money. Food handlers can actually view the video for free, but that doesn’t satisfy the law.

This restaurant was cited for not having the allergen certificate.


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