Is Costco making a bad decision by not recalling Smoked Salmon?

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Editor’s note: Can someone please tell us why this product has not been recalled? There is still nothing on the Costco website.

In an article in today’s Huffington Post, Smoked salmon tainted with salmonella bacteria has sickened hundreds of people in the Netherlands and the United States, sparking a major recall, health authorities said Tuesday but not here.

Around 200 people – and likely more – in the Netherlands and more than 100 people in the United States have been sickened by a strain of the bacteria called Salmonella Thompson.

The Smoked Salmon’s only retail chain where it was sold was Costco. Yet, Costco has refused to recall the product and has not had any reports of illnesses.

Foppen, a Dutch company that sells fish worldwide, was named as the source by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment also estimated the number of infections was higher.

Company spokesman Bart de Vries said that since the company set up a public information phone line two days ago, some 1,400 people had called and around 350 of the callers “reported symptoms consistent with a salmonella infection.”

Those infected by the salmonella bacteria can suffer symptoms including fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

De Vries said that in the United States the company sells only to wholesaler Costco and that Costco would deal with any U.S. recall. It was not immediately clear how much contaminated fish had been sold in America.

Roel Vincken of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, which carried out tests confirming the salmonella outbreak, said he had no information on a U.S. recall.

Last week was Yom Kippur, the most sacred of all Jewish holidays and it is traditional to serve bagels, lox and cream cream and other dairy products? It makes you wonder how many Costco customers bought the Salmonella tainted Smoked Salmon for break fast?

Costco has not recalled the product in the U.S. relying instead of internal devices to track and stop the Smoked Salmon.  Where did the 100 or so purchase the Smoked Salmon if Costco is the only retailer that sold it?

The smoked salmon was sold under the Foppen name and Costco’s store-brand name, Kirkland. Customers who purchased the items will be called by Costco. The calls will be followed up with a letter.

If you purchased Foppen or Kirkland brand Smoked Salmon at Costco, and are experiencing Salmonella like symptoms, please see health care provider immediately.


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