One death confirmed, 550 ill, 200 hospitalized from Foppen Smoked Salmon that contained Salmonella, did Costco do enough?

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It was reported yesterday in, that two people were dead from Foppen Smoked Salmon. You may recall that Foppen was one of the brands taken off the shelf but not recalled by Costco.

 US Food Safety has been closely monitoring this story. The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has linked the two deaths with the salmonella found in smoked salmon produced by Foppen, based in Harderwijk.

 According to RIVM, the two dead were elderly. Based on mathematical models, the institute estimates the number of deaths from the outbreak may reach 17.

 Foppen has blamed a line in its processing plant in Greece for causing the outbreak.  At the moment, 550 people are ill and 200 people in the hospital, said RIVM.

 All possibly contaminated smoked salmon had been destroyed and one of the two Foppen products sold in Costco were back on sale again.

 The other, supplied from the Greek plant, is still not cleared, said Craig Wilson, Costco’s director of food safety.

 UPDATE: In a response to Undercurrent, a Foppen spokesperson said Foppen had made “no comment on the news of the death of two people – one of which was conclusively tied to the same salmonella thompson as the one that has infected a batch of smoked salmon – other than stating sincere regret if indeed the facts are as they are reported in the media. Foppen has no more information than that which has appeared in the media.”


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