Food Safe Guru – Hunkering down for Sandy

Posted on October 29, 2012 by


While many New Englanders have fought the grocery stores and big box retailers purchasing the last-minute batteries, water, and other items for the beginning of Sandy, it was not what worried me.

I live through the blizzard  of “78, last years nightmare, October blizzard, and didn’t feel the need to stock up. After all, it  is just another northeast weather problem. My friends started discussing Sandy last week, and since I look at the food safety universe, I paid little attention.

Last night after watching the Patriots in London (Gronk was a hoot), I decided it was time to check the kitchen for staples to tide us over in case we lost power. I already had cleaned out the meat supply almost down to nothing, so nothing to waste there.  It was getting late in the day which means on a Sunday stores close early. My husband and I went to a club store for batteries and Halloween candy and to a discount retailer for the rest of the purchases.

The club store had quite a crowd and the discount retailer even more so. The discount retailer had a display of flashlights with no prices. We made our purchases and headed home.

This morning I went out to do some business errands, again no surprises. The market was open with almost no customers.  I bought what I didn’t find last night and decided that I didn’t want to travel anymore today. Smart thinking.

To our readers: the websites may be down due to Sandy. The blog and Twitter will be up and running.

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