Sneeze and a Sub

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There are days when nothing but a sub will do. A big submarine sandwich. In college, we lived on them. Steak, cheese and onion subs and pizza, it was our basic food group. Who knew that we’d be taking cholesterol medicine years later.

I don’t want to confuse you non-Bay Staters, a “sub” is a sandwich in a long rectangular roll with any type of filling you can imagine. In almost any pizza parlor in America you can order one.

Yesterday, when my husband was doing errands, he wanted a sub for take-out. He walked into the local pizza parlor and ordered, waited and watched.

The “chef” behind the counter got the sub roll out and then sneezed, into his hands, and continued to make the sub. My husband, made some excuse and left.

Then my husband called and asked me what was for lunch. So much for food sanitation and I had to cook.

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