Saturday after Thanksgiving bargains

Posted on November 29, 2008 by


( Recited to Twas the night before Christmas). It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and all through the grocery store, the economically challenged were lurking, for the bargains galore.

So, what better way to save, than to visit some local supermarkets? What intrigued me was the rack, usually in the back of the stores that have “reduced food”. I had never thought to look before, but there, you can find items that may be close to their expiration date or just slightly beyond. Dented cans could be there or items no longer in stock. There was that moveable multi-tiered cart in produce with wilted broccoli and black bananas at leach 20 cents a pound cheaper, and my personal favorite, “once green grapes”. In meats, there are “manager’s specials,” in the bakery, the “day old” table. Well, you could always freeze the bread. But a birthday cake “Happy Birthday, Melissa” ? We can scrape off the icing, voila dessert!

So how safe are these “reduced foods”? One could tell the supermarkets hey, throw them out; I wouldn’t feed those food items to my dog. But I see customers looking at these racks for the unsung bargains. A year ago, they wouldn’t be caught there on a dare.

US Food Safety is not making any claim that these foods are safe to eat. Consumers must use their own judgment in purchasing reduced price foods in any location.  Consumers should consider the “sell by” date and physically examine the reduced price food before purchasing.

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