FDA Reports Significant Progress in Protecting the Food Supply

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Today’s headline. Wow. It makes you think. If you want to read the complete article you can click on:


How does this impact you? First, the FDA is establishing offices in China, India, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Secondly, the FDA has approved the use of irradiation of iceberg lettuce and spinach for the control of pathogens, such as Escherichia. coli, in or on those foods. Irridation is controversial.

The FDA developed methods to detect melamine and cyanuric acid in feed and feed ingredients. Does this benefit our pet lover readers?

The FDA is using genetic analysis to identify hundreds of Salmonella strains from seafood imports. That seems ok to me.

Following the detection of melamine in infant formula and milk products from China, the FDA worked with its state and local counterparts to rapidly canvas over 2,100 vendors of Asian products to remove any Chinese infant formula from the market and to sample milk-derived Chinese products to check for melamine contamination. The FDA also provided regular updates on its Web site, advising consumers which products to avoid because of melamine contamination. Are they serious? The FDA website states to avoid “infant formula manufactured in China”.

There’s more.” Parents using infant formula should continue using U.S. manufactured infant formula. Switching away from using one of these[melamine] infant formulas to alternate diets or home-made formulas could result in infants not receiving the complete nutrition required for proper growth and development.”

Common sense says to ask the pediatrician or health care provider, if you are making a change in formula.

Did it say anything about informing the public? Check out the latest in food recalls and alerts at http://www.usfoodsafety.com/  and subscribe to the free food recalls and alerts at http://www.usfoodsafety.com/subscribe.asp. Stay tuned.

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