Melamine and Organic

Posted on December 1, 2008 by


I’m trying to understand the FDA’s new assessment of melamine so I can effectively pass on the information.


What I can gather, because the kidneys of infants aren’t fully developed, the FDA, has to look at other safety factors to assess melamine in infant formula, than they normally would. The FDA also says that because formula is the infants’ only nutritional choice, exposing them potentially up until 12 months of age, the level of scrutiny on melamine is that much higher. The FDA does not want to alarm the public.

Because newborns don’t have a choice of their nutrition, breast or bottle, parents make the choices. There are two organic formulas that I found on, Earth’s Best and Nature’s One. I’m sure there are more. US Food Safety isn’t endorsing either one.

Maybe there is a reason to go organic.

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