Google Alerts & Food Safety

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I subscribe to Google Alerts. Today I read one such blog  from about what to keep in the refrigerator when the power goes out.  When your power goes out, as it did in my area, you need information that is credible. You may not have had electrical power for several days. Yes, it’s cold here in the northeast,  but info on what save in your frig? Leave it to a credible source. At, there are  credible articles about that subject and other food safety articles, food recalls and alerts.

US Food Safety’s  information comes from professors in the field of food safety AND the U.S. government. Read:

for your freezer info. has been featured in over 117 media outlets including,, the Washington Post and the Milwaukee Journal.

The website also sends food alerts and food recalls right to your inbox. Just subscribe to: Keep yourself informed about food safety and how it effects you and your family.

A big “high five” to Harrison’s Roast Beef in North Andover, Massachusetts who kept the Merrimack Valley fed over the past several days.  The folks in line were very greatful. Thanks.

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