Melamine tainted food recalls continue in 2009

Posted on January 6, 2009 by


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My New Year’s resolution, eat more salads. I have bagged salads, carrot salad, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I’m a huge tomato fan after the bad press tomatoes got thanks to the government. The problem was chili peppers!

Food shopping, in my case, food safety shopping, has become a chore. I look for food companies that have had recalls, and not intentionally. It’s an occupational hazard. I gaze at a candy box, and think, did that box have melamine or a labeling allergen problem? It takes me twice as long to shop. I didn’t buy the candy. I just look. I’ll stick to bagged salads, that haven’t had a recall in a couple of years, but there was the spinach recall of years past….

I have the new 2009 food recalls to ponder. Starting the year, with bacon bits with possible listeria ( a great salad add-on) and a biscuit recall for possible melamine contamination. It was a state food recall that went national over the holidays.

A reader asked when the melamine contaminated food recalls would end? It’s 2009, the headline reads:”From US Food Safety, “Melamine tainted food recalls continue in 2009”. I guess food shopping will take me longer than I expected.

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