Pistachio recall plagues consumers

Posted on March 25, 2009 by


When you thought it was safe to eat nuts again, two possible pistachio related Salmonella recalls have been announced by two different companies. A coincidence? We don’t know.


US Food Safety Corporation contacted Back to Nature Foods by telephone. Back to Nature is owned by Kraft Foods. Ashley, a consumer representaive gave us a Case number. She said that their source of pistachios is proprietary. The recorded message says that this recall has nothing to do with Peanut Corporation of America (PCA).


A Kraft media contacts person Richard said someone would call us back. This is a public company, they have investors. What is Kraft Foods hiding?



US Food Safety has an unconfirmed report that says that Giant Food stores and Martins Food Stores have removed the Back to Nature recalled products from their shelves.


The second company, Georgia Nut Company took down our information and said a company representative will return the call. 


It may be a coincidence both companies had a pistachio recall on the same day due to possible Salmonella. We have no way of knowing if their suppliers are one in the same. This is how the peanut recall started. The initial manufacturers wouldn’t tell their source of the tainted peanuts.


Do we have to wait for a consumer to get sick, or even worse, die from bad pistachios? This is an outrage. THESE COMPANIES HAD TO SOURCE THEIR PISTACHIOS FROM SOMEWHERE!! Let consumers know who it is.


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