Three widespread food recalls

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Three widespread food recalls in several days. These recalls are not related to each other but they are interesting nonetheless.

The latest is the Van’s recall of Wheat Free Homestyle Pancakes Allergy Alert and Recall due to Undeclared Wheat, Gluten, Milk, and Egg. It’s wheat free yet it contains wheat? Am I missing something?

When a product is gluten-free, it doesn’t contain gluten. One assumes that wheat-free means wheat-free.

The second recall is from Kraft.

17.2-ounce packages of “KRAFT, JACK’S Original, SAUSAGE & PEPPERONI PIZZA, MADE WITH PORK, CHICKEN & BEEF,” which may bear a “TOMBSTONE ORIGINAL 12 PEPPERONI PIZZA” label on the back of the product. Any products bearing a “JACK’S” back label are not subject to the recall

The product is called Kraft Jack’s. The product must say Tombstone on the back, which is the recalled one. If it says Jack’s on the back, it is not subject. This is ridiculous. Kraft usually does a better job. If in doubt, look at the product number 7192100519.

Third, is the Mac and cheese previously blogged.

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