Free coffee, McDonald’s, Starbucks

Posted on October 3, 2009 by


Give me free coffee and I’m there. Traveling as I do, there is nothing like a free coffee promotion to get me to a McDonald’s drive thru or this week entering a Starbucks.

McDonald’s free coffee was a no holes barred promotion. Any size coffee, the way I wanted it, and fast service. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Starbucks? Well, in my local downtown location which is small and always crowded, there was a cheery employee who asked if I wanted to have the “taste test” and then get my free tall coffee. I tasted the coffee, ( the instant was so much stronger) had to look at the dot on the cup and then had to wait in line for my free coffee. 15 minutes.

The cup had a dot, someone handled the cup, I hope with gloves. The cups were neatly stacked, that means the marker touched the inside of my cup. This is the food safety concern. Maybe that’s why the instant tasted stronger.

McDonald’s wins hands down. By the way, the free coffee last week is only a dollar a cup this week. Not bad.

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