Kazakhstan Chocolate

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My daughter just returned from a business trip to Kazakhstan. You all remember Kazakhstan, that’s the country that got a bad rap from Borat. She usually brings me some momento from the country she visits. This time it was chocolate.

This is not the usual luxury Belgian or Swiss chocolate that melts in your mouth that is packaged beautifully. This chocolate can in a small plastic bucket with a handle suitable, when empty, for taking to the beach or putting fresh fruit in the frig. The manufacturer was Paxat. The packaging by U.S. standards was primitive, it had no nutritional label. It did have the ingredients listed in about 5 languages and what I believe is a Kosher symbol.

The one piece I ate tasted fine, not to sweet. Each piece was individually wrapped.

This is unpretentious chocolate. If this company was going to import into the U.S., it would cost a small fortune. The inside of the plastic bucket would have to be sealed (it wasn’t) and a nutritional label would have to be affixed somewhere.

For a struggling economy, they make good chocolate. Maybe importing would not be a bad idea. So much for Borat, the way to have diplomatic relations is with chocolate and a smile.

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