Spice Classics Garlic Powder Question

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Reader Greg asked this question:

Spice Classics brand Garlic Powder says it’s a Product of China.

Since an ingredients label is missing, is there any way to tell if it is

100% garlic powder? Thank you.

Editor’s note: We take readers’ questions very seriously. The manufacturer of Spice Classics, McCormack, has the following information on their website:

How do I find the nutritional information on a McCormick product? Answer:

The best source for nutritional information is the product package. Since our formulas do change from time to time, the label is the most up to date source.

Many of our spice and herb bottles do not contain nutrition information, because spices do not make a significant contribution to the nutritional content of foods on a per-serving basis. Spices and herbs are naturally low in calories, fat, sugar and sodium.

If you would like specific nutrition information about a McCormick product, please call the 800 number found on our products, or send us an email.

Editor’s note: US Food Safety has e-mailed McCormack to answer your question. We’ll contact McCormack in the next day or two if we do not receive a timely response.

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