Surgery cereals to children

Posted on October 28, 2009 by


A lot has been written about marketing sugery cereals to children. In the late sixties Saturday morning TV was awash with commercials touting Ronald McDonald and “Sugar Pops are Tops”, “Trix are for Kids” and Cap’n Crunch.

It fed right into the culture that sugar was good and anything on tv was fine. While middle America fed their kids sugar, grownups were eating Corn Flakes. Kids screamed for their sugar. Cereal marketing at children was having a field day. People also smoked and the culture had the Marlboro Man riding into the sunset.

Is it so different now? Sure, we know better. Gobs of sugar and artificial chemicals don’t contribute to making a healthy child. The focus has changed and savvy marketers have changed the names of cereals from Sugar Pops to Corn Pops, Sugar Smacks to Honey Smacks. Who smokes now?

Let’s keep it real. A friend of mine has a solution for her children, when they scream for a surgery cereal, she tells them she will buy them one box on their birthday of whatever cereal they want and when it’s gone it’s gone. Sounds like a plan.

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